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How to include external code when publishing?

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Pawel il 4 Feb 2016
Risposto: Paul Wintz il 11 Feb 2022
I'm trying tu “publish” a script including the code of the called functions/scripts in pdf. I found “publishdepfun” which produces nice html files but not really working with pdf.
As I know it should be possible to include those files in this way:
% <include>file1.m</include>
But this is not working for some reason. In the pdf file this results then in:
What can I do?

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Paul Wintz
Paul Wintz il 11 Feb 2022
You must have no more than one space between "%" and "<include>". Having spaces before the "%" might also cause problems, so change " % <include>file1.m</include>" to "% <include>file1.m</include>".


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