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Set image roi to zero

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RuiQi il 10 Feb 2016
Commentato: conor paxton il 19 Ott 2018
I have an image 800 x 800. I want to set a 10 x 10 region at center 200,200 to ZERO. How do i do that ? Help thanks
Managed to do it. Thanks
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conor paxton
conor paxton il 19 Ott 2018
Hello, Could I ask, how you managed to do it please?

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Guillaume il 10 Feb 2016
A 10x10 region can't be centered on a pixel. It needs to have an odd size.
yourimage(196:205, 196:205, :) = 0

David Sanchez
David Sanchez il 10 Feb 2016
If I is your image
I(201:210,201:210) = 0;
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Guillaume il 10 Feb 2016
That's hardly centered on 200,200 !
And that only works with grayscale images

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