Too big classification tree

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Radoslav Vandzura
Radoslav Vandzura il 18 Feb 2016
Commentato: MHN il 19 Feb 2016
Hello All. I am trying to create classification tree in Matlab using function fitctree. I am using version of Matlab R2014b. But my tree is big and intricate. Could you advise me how should i resolve this problem? I know about MaxNumSplits but it is supported by version Matlab 2015...Thank you for your help and advices...

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MHN il 18 Feb 2016
There are many ways to do that, e.g. compare the following tree1, tree2, and tree3. It depends on your problem in hand, which one you should use.
load ionosphere
tree1 = fitctree(X,Y);
tree2 = prune(tree1,'level',6);
view(tree2, 'mode','graph')
tree3 = fitctree(X,Y, 'MinParentSize', 200);
view(tree3, 'mode','graph')
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MHN il 19 Feb 2016
You can use pruning method by using "prune" command. Please see the following documentation to learn how it works:

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