Controlled current source in phasor simulation (Simulink 2015b)

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Sev on 18 Feb 2016
I encountered a problem when I wanted to use a controlled current source (CCS) of simscape/specialized technology in a phasor simulation. I am using Simulink 2015b. I want to use the CCS with a complex number (phasor) as input signal to have a output current with phase shift. That was is described in the MATLAB help, but this does not work and I get following error message: Complex signal mismatch. Input port 3 of 'singlephaseinverter/powergui/EquivalentModel1/Sources/Mux' expects a signal of numeric type real. However, it is driven by a signal of numeric type complex
Also I tried to convert the complex number into mag,angle and connect the signal via mux to the CCS. Does not work either.
Any suggestions, thanks. Sev

Answers (1)

Dariusz Swierczynski
Dariusz Swierczynski on 2 Dec 2017
Phasor simulation Try Connect to the controlled input of CCS the complex signal. The simulation should be work. But there is other problem the CCS in the circuit represent open device and you cant control cuurent I do not know how to solve the problem. Somebody know how to fix it.

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