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How to extract phase information from freqs?

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I'm plotting using this:
freqs(butter_tf_num,butter_tf_den, scale)
But I want to adjust the X axis to another unit and set limits. So I do:
[H,W] = freqs(butter_tf_num,butter_tf_den, scale);
Freq_Hz = W(:)/2/pi;
% Magnitude
plot(Freq_Hz, abs(H))
% Phase
plot(Freq_Hz, atand(imag(H)./real(H)))
axis([600 1000 -200 200])
But the result is different... Why?

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Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson il 3 Mar 2016
Modificato: Rick Rosson il 4 Mar 2016
Instead of
please try using

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