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MAtlab symbolic toolbox and removal of Mupad interface

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Dear all I use units defined in Mupad Interface from Matlab live documents like this
mV = sym('unit::mvolt');
Warning: Support of strings that are not valid variable names or define a number will be removed in a future release. To create symbolic expressions, first
create symbolic variables and then use operations on them.
This is a pretty good solution and i dont want to use the clunky syntax evalin(symengine...) to use Mupad symbolic stuff
What is Mathworks thinking aboout the solution to this issue? What happens when they remove the syntax i use ?

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Karan Gill
Karan Gill il 10 Mar 2017
Modificato: Karan Gill il 17 Ott 2017
Starting R2017a, units are available in MATLAB via Symbolic Math Toolbox. See:
Karan. (Symbolic doc)
[SL: fixed a typo. This functionality was added in release R2017a not R2017b.]


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