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how to plot iv curve for solar pv

Asked by Normazlina on 21 Mar 2016
Latest activity Answered by Ibrahim Abouemira on 19 May 2019
I want to plot multiple characteristic curve for PV and IV in solar.


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Answer by ALBERT ALEXANDER STONIER on 22 Oct 2016

In MATLAB 2016 you have this option to plot both PV and IV characteristics simultaneously.

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can you elaborate further?

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Nakul 님의 답변 30 May 2017

Hope you have modeled the solar in simulink or in mfile. Generally there will be three input (G,T,V/I) and one output (I/V). Keeping G,T fixed vary the other input linearly (V/I). For that you can use a ramp signal available in simulink. Now use 'xy scope' or save the data in workspace for plotting.


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