How to format YTickLabel with x10^n on when plotting a figure?

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How to set the decimal digits of YTickLabel in figure? I tried some ways, but numbers with '%.4f' was too long, numbers with '%.2e' not good, either.
The following figure may be helpful for my question.
The left one uses
set (gca, 'YTickLabel', num2str (get (gca, 'YTick').' , '%.4f) )
The central one uses
set (gca, 'YTickLabel', num2str (get (gca, 'YTick').' , '%.2e) )
And the right one uses the default settings.
What I really want is as following figure.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski il 8 Gen 2018
y = rand(10,1)*5000;
ax = axes;
ax.YAxis.Exponent = 3;

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Danesh Bankwala
Danesh Bankwala il 8 Gen 2018
Modificato: Danesh Bankwala il 8 Gen 2018
Did you ever figure this out? I have a similar problem.


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