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Why can't MATLAB read my modified HDF5/.mat v7.3 file?

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janolivero on 24 Mar 2016
Answered: Dave Bergstein on 4 Apr 2016
From version 7.3, the .mat file format is supposed to be in binary HDF5 format, and should allow processing by the standard HDF5 tools that are around. I am trying to modify a .mat file using python library h5py. (I delete a dataset from the .mat file and recreate it with an additional dimension). If I try to open the modified file in MATLAB, I am getting a segmentation fault.
Is MATLAB really using standard HDF5 format, or does it require any hidden metadata, that I don't know of?

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Dave Bergstein
Dave Bergstein on 4 Apr 2016
You might try using the MATLAB HDF5 interface. It gives you greater control for reading and writing HDF5:


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