Diesel Work Cycle using MATLAB to plot P-v Diagram, Calculate work output, and Plot the work output when diameter of the piston is changed

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I'm engineering student. I've got this project from my teacher.
The problem is I "never" use MATLAB before and I try to search some informations about Diesel Cycle for MATLAB many times on internet but I can't understand.
Please help me to solve this project, I really need some helps here.
Thank you very much.
PS. Sorry for my bad English
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Jason Rodgers
Jason Rodgers il 25 Mag 2022
As another hint, once the P-V curve is developed, trapz can be used to perfrom numerical integration.

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Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson il 4 Apr 2016
Here's a start:
theta = (0:0.1:359.9)';
D = 15;
L = 12;
L_TDC = 1.5;
V_TDC = (pi/4)*D^2*L_TDC;


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