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Eric on 2 Feb 2012
Answered: omid zandi on 25 Apr 2021
Given two xy coords on an elevation map (xyz format), is there a function to generate the path elevation profile between these two points?
The function would have to interpolate between grid would also be nice to be able to specify spacing betweem elevation points.
Thanks in advance!

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Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones on 7 Feb 2012
Eric, Have you found any help with this. I need the exact same thing as you. I have a grid of 1 arcsecond SRTM elevation data. I created an equally spaced grid and I need to find an elevation profile between two points (not necessarily on the grid). I would be happy to team up with you and share anything I find if you will do the same. I'm really stuck on this.....
Thanks, Kyle
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Eric on 8 Feb 2012
when you say "not necessarily on the grid", you mean outside or inside but between grid points ?
If it's inside between grid points, I figured out a way to do it. Basically you find the equation between your 2 pts (y=ax+b), then you decide of a deltaX, and plug this deltaX in your linear equation, you will find the corresponding Y point. This will be give a series of XY coordinate on the line between your 2 pts, then you use the function griddata() to interpolate your Z (elevation) corresponding to your new XY coords (elevation) from you original data set.
You will end up with XYZ coordinates of the points on your line.

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Wolfgang Schwanghart
Wolfgang Schwanghart on 10 Feb 2012
Hi, if you have the image processing toolbox, the function improfile should do what you ask for.
Best regards, Wolfgang

Rob Comer
Rob Comer on 15 Feb 2012
And there's mapprofile in Mapping Toolbox.
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Albert Gesualdi
Albert Gesualdi on 17 Feb 2021
I have been tring to use mapprofile to generate a elevation profile along a line in a geotiff file i uploaded with readgeoraster and I cannot get it to work any idea why?

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omid zandi
omid zandi on 25 Apr 2021
Despite about 8 years delay, it is worth saying that TopoToolbox has provided this feature in demprofile function which works perfect.

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