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Hi, is it possible to implement a customized bagOfFeatures with a SIFT extractor? and detector?

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I'm using MATLAB R2014b version with computer vision toolbox. I'm trying to generate classifiers with different types of extractors to analyse handwritten words, and for that i'm making use of bagOfFeatures function. MATLAB doesn't have a SIFT extractor code but it's possible to implement it or use David Lowe's version. How can i use this SIFT extractor (and detector) with the bagOfFeatures function?

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Anand il 12 Apr 2016
If you can upgrade to a later version (R2015a or higher), you can use the 'CustomExtractor' name-value pair to do this. Unfortunately, this wasn't part of R2014b.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 11 Apr 2016
SIFT is still patented by the University of British Columbia for a few more years. I believe the Computer Vision System Toolbox uses SURF instead.
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Arthur Costa
Arthur Costa il 19 Apr 2016
Thanks! That's one reason. But for research purposes they have provided a demo software at David Lowe's page:
But it doesn't run properly. I keep getting an error with 'Invalid keypoint file beginning'

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