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How to use machine learning in image segmentation?

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Kyle il 17 Apr 2016
Commentato: Salma Hassan il 25 Lug 2017
I have an image database containing raw medical images (lung x-ray image) and their corresponding binary masks indicating blood vessels. I would like to apply machine learning techniques suck as GLM on these training data to build a model. So I can use this model to generate binary blood vessle mask for other lung x-ray images. I need some help for a machine learning workflow/pseudo code for this project.
The Matlab code
is a good start but I'm not sure how I can apply this code to a entire image library?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 17 Apr 2016
Assuming your "library" is a collection of individual image files, you can follow the FAQ:
In the middle of the for loop, you could call AnalyzeSingleImage() which is a function you write that has all of that MATLAB code in it that you got (and probably modified) from the File Exchange.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 18 Apr 2016
Well, I was answering your last question where you asked "how I can apply this code to a entire image library?" You asking that question led me to believe this was not the case: "I know how to process a sequence of images"
Sorry, but we have not run that File Exchange submission, so if you have a question about that, your best (only) approach is to ask the author who wrote and uploaded it. No one else will know about it.
Salma Hassan
Salma Hassan il 25 Lug 2017
can i use the weka application for this problem . the input is the attributes like (glcm features ) and choose the classifier from weka

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