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Send Messages through TCP/IP using Simulink Real Time on Target Machine

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fkreuz on 17 Apr 2016
Answered: Jon Lobo on 21 Jun 2018
I need to send string (or numeric) messages over TCP/IP or UDP using Simulink Real-Time on my target computer. The target computer is a embedded computer Advantech PCM-3362 that has ethernet via PCI-Bus (Index = 0; Bus = 0; Slot = 25) and already boots Simulink Real-Time Target. My host computer and the target computer are connected on a LAN which also connected to internet via gateway. I tried to use the „TCP/IP Send“ and „UDP send“ blocks from Instrument Control Toolbox Library and the „UDP send“ and the “Real-Time UDP Configuration“ blocks from Simulink Real-Time Library to send a constant number to another server on internal LAN network. The build process completed successfully. But when I tried to run via external mode, it showed error message:
Error: EtherID 1: Error initializing Ethernet card: Error 779
Within both blocks, I set the parameter „Device ID“ as 1. I tried all the possible Device ID in the list (1-8) but still the error message showed.
I'm running Matlab R2015b. Thank you before.

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Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 21 Jun 2018
The Instrument Control Toolbox blocks for UDP Send/Receive and TCP/IP Send/Receive are not supported by the Simulink Real-Time Kernel. You should use the blocks in the Simulink Real-Time library. TCP/IP was added in R2017a.


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