Send Messages through TCP/IP using Simulink Real Time on Target Machine

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I need to send string (or numeric) messages over TCP/IP or UDP using Simulink Real-Time on my target computer. The target computer is a embedded computer Advantech PCM-3362 that has ethernet via PCI-Bus (Index = 0; Bus = 0; Slot = 25) and already boots Simulink Real-Time Target. My host computer and the target computer are connected on a LAN which also connected to internet via gateway. I tried to use the „TCP/IP Send“ and „UDP send“ blocks from Instrument Control Toolbox Library and the „UDP send“ and the “Real-Time UDP Configuration“ blocks from Simulink Real-Time Library to send a constant number to another server on internal LAN network. The build process completed successfully. But when I tried to run via external mode, it showed error message:
Error: EtherID 1: Error initializing Ethernet card: Error 779
Within both blocks, I set the parameter „Device ID“ as 1. I tried all the possible Device ID in the list (1-8) but still the error message showed.
I'm running Matlab R2015b. Thank you before.

Accepted Answer

Jon Lobo
Jon Lobo on 21 Jun 2018
The Instrument Control Toolbox blocks for UDP Send/Receive and TCP/IP Send/Receive are not supported by the Simulink Real-Time Kernel. You should use the blocks in the Simulink Real-Time library. TCP/IP was added in R2017a.

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