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How can I get a thermal-infrared image preview when acquiring from a FLIR IR camera with Image Acquisition Toolbox?

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I am using a FLIR GigE Vision IR (thermal infrared) camera (for example FLIR A615, A645, A655, or other GigE Vision models).
In Image Acquisition Toolbox the default preview image is grayscale / shades of gray, with low contrast, although the camera image is focused.
How can I get a preview image that uses a colormap similar to a conventional thermal infrared image (not the default grayscale colormap)?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 29 Aug 2019
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 29 Aug 2019
The following MATLAB example code enables the full bit depth mode for camera preview, and specifies a jet colormap for the preview image.
To specify a manual signal range for preview, uncomment the last code section.
% Set preview data to native camera bit depth (default is 8 bit)
imaqmex('feature', '-previewFullBitDepth', true);
v = videoinput('gige', 1, 'Mono16');
% Create a preview window and get image and axes handles
im = preview(v);
ax = im.Parent;
% Specify scaled grayscale data mapping to colormap
im.CDataMapping = 'scaled';
% Specify a colormap to display grayscale image mapped to RGB image
colormap(ax, jet);
% Specify auto detection of CData limits
ax.CLimMode = 'auto';
% Or, specify a fixed signal data range to display
% signalRange = [10000 20000];
% ax.CLim = signalRange;
If desired, a custom preview functionality can be implemented as described in the following documentation page:
Other predefined or custom colormaps can be used:


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