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wait for plot to finish

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Stephan He
Stephan He il 28 Apr 2016
Commentato: Constantino il 29 Dic 2021
I am plotting quite a huge amount of data points using the scatter3 function in a GUI. Doing so the program keeps on running while the data plot isnt finished yet. (I tested it with tic/toc before and after the plot which gave me way to short timings)
Is there a way to stop matlab from continuing until the plot is finished and visible?
Best Regards, Stephan

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Jan il 28 Apr 2016
What about drawnow?
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Stephan He
Stephan He il 28 Apr 2016
Thanks Jan. Its kind of contraintuitive to stop running by an update function, but it works ;)
Constantino il 29 Dic 2021
Can you give more details on this?
I have the problem that each plot draw to screen seems to slow down the total running time of the code. Id like to be able to wait for allk the code to execute and then draw to screen each figure once.
The visible property does not work for me.

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 28 Apr 2016
Perhaps you will need this? waitfor()
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Stephan He
Stephan He il 28 Apr 2016
Hi Ilham,
I did consider this function but for now I couldnt get it to work: If i just use the call with the object, it actually waits for me to close the axes, which I will not. Then I dont know how to utilize the second call option with the changing property since I couldnt figure out any property that would change when finishing the plot.
Could you explain you idea more in detail please?
Best Regards, Stephan

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