How to convert a column date wich contains NaN?

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I hope you can help me to solve this doubt:
I have a column with number and NaN at the same time, lets say for example:
T= [199001021003.00;
The numbers are dates in the format yyyymmddHHMM and I want to convert those numbers into dates in Matlab format.
When I applied the next code:
D= datenum(num2str(T),'yyyymmddHHMM');
C= datestr(D,0);
It can´t recognize the NaN and therefore I have the next error:
"Error using datenum (line 179) DATENUM failed.
Caused by: Error using dtstr2dtnummx Failed on converting date string to date number"
How can I fix this and make Matlab doesn´t recogized the NaN and keeps giving the dates in Matlab format?
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

CS Researcher
CS Researcher on 30 Apr 2016
You should remove the NaN entries first. DO this:
T(isnan(T)) = [];
D= datenum(num2str(T),'yyyymmddHHMM');
C= datestr(D,0);

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