If statement (in master GUI) to call slave GUI and then have the slave edit value in master and program continue in master.

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Excuse the question heading but I don't know how else to describe it.
I have a master GUI. In the master GUI which has numerous editboxes, I intend to have an if statement.
The if statement will be invoked when the user inputs a value greater than 8.
If that condition is met, another GUI will popup (slave).
The slave will consist of 1 listbox and 2 pushbuttons.
The listbox will state: ' Are you sure it has been 8 hours'.
If the user presses the 'Yes' pushbutton, I want the Master program to continue with the current value inputted in the editbox and shut down the subGUI (AKA slave).
If the user presses the 'No' pushbutton, I want the editbox in the Master to delete the current value in the editbox (in master), shutdown the subGUI and continue in the master GUI.
How do I get a subGUI to delete a value in an editbox in another GUI (master), then continue with the master and close the subGUI?

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CS Researcher
CS Researcher on 1 May 2016
Why do you want a separate GUI for that? You can just use a questdlg for that. Try this:
val = questdlg('Are you sure it has been 8 hours?','Confirm','Yes','No','Yes');
switch val
case 'Yes'
% Perform the required operation
case 'No'
% Perform the corresponding operation

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