How do i set a range for the number type in edit text box GUI?

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hello everyone.
can someone please show me how can i set a range for the number type in the text box of a GUI. I have a text box in GUI that i want it to accept only number ranged from 1 to 7. if the user input a number outside of the range, the text box will become empty, and a dialog box tells the user to input only a number ranged from 1 to 7, then the user has to input a different number which satisfies the condition. when the number is within range, the system will accept the number and stores it in a variable. lets call the variable as aa. your help is very much appreciated.

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CS Researcher
CS Researcher on 4 May 2016
Edited: CS Researcher on 4 May 2016
Let us say the handle to the edit box is edit_box. In the callback function of the edit_box you can write this:
value = str2double(get(handles.edit_box,'String');
flag = value >= 1 && value <= 7
if ~flag
warndlg('Value Out of Range! Please Enter Again');
msgbox('Got the value, On it!');
This is of course just an idea. You should modify the code according to your need.


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