Polyspace error during Normalization of xiosbase include file

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I am facing following Polyspace error while analyzing c++ code. Can any one help me in resolving this issue. Thanks in advance.
"c:\Program File (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\include\xiosbase, line 290 (column 13): Limitation: Unauthorized throw outside of the handler. This construction is not supported by polyspace Verifier. The computation has been halted"

Answers (2)

Christian Bard
Christian Bard on 14 Jun 2012
The way to workaround this issue is to follow these steps:
  • copy xiosbase near configuration file and rename it as ps_xiosbase
  • Edit ps_xiosbase and replace at line 290 _RERAISE; with ;
  • relaunch using -include path_to/ps_xiosbase
ps_xiosbase will then be used before xiosbase and allows to workaround limitation

Christian Bard
Christian Bard on 21 Sep 2012
Another way to workaround the limitation consists in relaunching with option –functions-to-stub std::ios_base::clear. It will force Polyspace to stub all clear() methods inside ios_base class even if bodies have been provided.

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