how to make a row into a one element

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zeezo on 9 May 2016
Commented: Ahmet Cecen on 9 May 2016
I have this matrix a=[1 4 5 3 5; 2 5 7 0 8; 3 5 7 2 9]
and I wand to make each row into one element to become like this
a=[14535; 25708; 35729]
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zeezo on 9 May 2016
Thanks very much. in fact, I need for a time matrix and the code that you proved me does not work.
I have this matrix a 00:01:17
and its size is 8*5. how can

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Answers (2)

CS Researcher
CS Researcher on 9 May 2016
Try this:
N = size(a,2);
powerVector = 10.^[N-1:-1:0]';
requiredVector = a*powerVector;
Hope this helps!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 May 2016
What does
whos a
show? Is it a cell array or a character array?

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Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 9 May 2016
Edited: Ahmet Cecen on 9 May 2016
The other answer will only work for a very limited set of problems, and will break with even the slightest change, like having a number bigger than 10 as an element in the array. You can still use it if it works for you, but a much more robust way is below:
a = mat2str(a);
a = strrep(a,' ','');
a = str2num(a);
Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 9 May 2016
It is indeed 1x3 for me. You are leaving out something.
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
a 3x1 24 double

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