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I wnat to import date in excel file.

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I have a problem imported excel file.
When I import excel data, Others is imported in MATLAB.
But Date & Time isn't imported in MATLAB.
1.JPG is raw data.
2.JPG is picture after importing.
I want to insert Date & Time on 1c olumn in 2.JPG
And also insert Date,Time, 1.풍향, 2.풍속 .... on 1 row.
What should I do?
Plus, When I export 2.JPG, also want to export Date & TIme and so on. (in 1row, 1column)
Please help me.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 1 Lug 2016
I recommend that you use readtable() if you have R2014b or later, as it can will convert excel dates into datetime objects during the importing.

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Tien Tran
Tien Tran il 1 Lug 2016
You can use a syntax:
[num txt raw] = xlsread('yourexceldocument.xls')

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