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How to delete duplicate row? unique is not working?

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I have a matrix (in the attachment) that contains duplicated rows. I issued this command
spMBL = unique(spMBL, 'rows');
However, this doesn't delete the duplicated row
Any suggestions
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Stephen23 il 4 Ago 2016
Ever row is different:
>> all(any(diff(sortrows(spMBL),1,1),2))
ans = 1
and so unique gives the correct output.

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Bekay.Kang il 4 Ago 2016
Modificato: Walter Roberson il 4 Ago 2016
% here's code!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Ago 2016
spMBL = unique(spMBL, 'rows');
does work. The result has every row different than every other row. In the rows I examined, in each case row spMBL(J,:) is different than spMBL(J+1,:) in position size(spMBL,2)-J+1 . For example, size(spMBL,2) is 312, and spMBL(88,:) is different from spMBL(89,:) in position #312-88+1 = 225, so spMBL(88,225) is not equal to spMBL(89,225)


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