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Suyeon Byun
Suyeon Byun on 9 Aug 2016
Answered: jonas on 2 Mar 2020
I have created GUI with app designer that comes with Matlab R2016a, but am having a struggle with adding a scroll bar on my GUI. Is there any way that I can integrate the scroll bar with GUI? Thank you, in advance.

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Bekay.Kang on 9 Aug 2016
Hope this would be helpful for you!
1) Create a uipanel() on your figure, the size of the viewing area.
2) Create a second uipanel() whose Parent is the first uipanel, and which is big enough to contain all of the data.
3) Draw your images, making sure that their Parent is the second uipanel.
4) Now configure the Callback on your scrollbar so that it changes the Position of the second uipanel. The edges of the first uipanel will "clip" the visibility of the second uipanel so that only the portion of the second uipanel that is behind the "window" that is the size of the first uipanel will be visible.
% code
panel1 = uipanel('Parent',1);
panel2 = uipanel('Parent',panel1);
set(panel1,'Position',[0 0 0.95 1]);
set(panel2,'Position',[0 -1 1 2]);
h = image;
s = uicontrol('Style','Slider','Parent',1,...
'Units','normalized','Position',[0.95 0 0.05 1],...
% code
function slider_callback1(src,eventdata,arg1)
val = get(src,'Value');
set(arg1,'Position',[0 -val 1 2])
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craq on 11 Jul 2018
The question specifically mentions the App Designer, and I think your suggestion is not compatible with it. I get the error:
Functionality not supported with figures created with the uifigure function.
For more information, see Graphics Support in App Designer.
A scroll bar would be a really nice feature for Mathworks to add to the App Designer in an upcoming release!

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jonas on 2 Mar 2020
In 2019a you can check the "Scrollable" box under Interactivity. I've tested it for uipanels and the main uifigure.


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