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How to connect NIKON DSLR camera to matlab?

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hi, i have nikon D90 camera and i would like to connect it with matlab for doing live video streaming. But matlab doesn't detect the camera. The hardware browser of image acquisition tool doesn't show the device name. what should i do.? pls help out.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 21 Ago 2016
The Nikon D90 is not designed for video streaming.
I found a software product that claims to be able to handle it; see . I have no information on how well it works.
Other than that, the solutions I find documented involve using the HDMI output, which works at the same resolution as the LCD display. One product specifically designed for such a use is
The D90 is not compatible with either of the Nikon wireless remote accessories, the WU-1A or WU-1B; see and notice that those specifically say that you cannot use them for movies (only for stills)
Some of the newer Nikon cameras offer built-in Bluetooth sharing using what Nikon refers to as "Snapbridge"; see That appears to offer remote control better than the WU-1A/WU-1B but it is not clear to me that it supports video streaming.
Side note: for information about using Cannon or Sony cameras for live streaming see
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 25 Ago 2016
I have not downloaded digicamcontrol and tried it so I do not know what features are available. If it does not currently offer a way to stream then you can modify the C++ code to do whatever you want, including possibly adding ActiveX controls, or adding new calls that fetch a frame, or Create a Custom Adaptor
I doubt you will find any ready-made software to do what you want, but digicamcontrol is probably your best bet for being able to create the software you need.

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Serge il 24 Mar 2017
"DSLR Camera Controller (wrapper for digiCamControl)" on MatLab central will let you control camera settings, capture and download photos, but i am not sure about video:
To work you will also need to install and and run digiCamControl v2.0.69+, which is free and open source but only runs on windows.


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