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How to connect the ANSYS Workbench to Matlab to perform the optimization loop in Matlab ??? Please...

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Please I have performed structural analysis using ANSYS Workbench to obtain the stresses and strains, so I have to define those response parameters to the Matlab to perform the optimization study on Matlab. Please answer my question as I have limited time to do this job.
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Sarah Palfreyman
Sarah Palfreyman il 10 Gen 2017
See ANSYS for the MATLAB AAS Toolbox interface.
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broken_arrow il 8 Ott 2021
Modificato: broken_arrow il 8 Ott 2021
As mentioned here
it appears that Ansys AaS has been discountinued and the existing versions do not work with current Matlab releases. A new version (with a good documentation) would be a great feature.
SorMun il 16 Nov 2023
The toolbox is now availabe for download from Mathworks File Exchange at

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Sindhuja Parimalarangan
Sindhuja Parimalarangan il 6 Set 2016
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Nawfal Hsaine
Nawfal Hsaine il 10 Set 2016
Thank you Sindhuja for your answer and I am sorry to answer lately. The last link seams helpful to me but I am wondering is this working with workbench or just for APDL as I am obtained my results on Ansys workbench. I appreciate your answer if you can recognize this link is working on APDL or Workbench:
Thanks Nawfal Hsaine
Umut Senol
Umut Senol il 19 Gen 2018
Modificato: Umut Senol il 19 Gen 2018
Dear Nawfal Hsaine , have you finish this task ? If you did, could you please share your codes or road map with us. I am dealing with this sort of problem right now.

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Stelios Fanourakis
Stelios Fanourakis il 15 Set 2019
Modificato: Stelios Fanourakis il 15 Set 2019
@Nawfal. Can you please describe me the technique you used to obtain stress strain in ANSYS?
Maybe provide me some link.


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