Custom m-file function in fitting tool

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Thomas il 23 Gen 2011
Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question regarding the fitting tool. I was wondering if it is possible to use a custom function from a m-file in an equation used for fitting.
Thanks in advance, Thomas van der Vliet
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bym il 23 Gen 2011
the basic tool does not provide for custom functions. If you could provide more information about you data and custom function, perhaps there is a work around

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Jon Cherrie
Jon Cherrie il 30 Mar 2011
Yes, it is possible to use a Custom Equation in CFTOOL defined from a MATLAB file. Here is an example. Start by creating a file like this:
function y = my_curve( x, a, b, c )
y = zeros( size( x ) );
isLeft = x < 0.5;
y(isLeft) = a + b*x(isLeft);
y(~isLeft) = a + c*x(~isLeft);
The key things about this file are
  1. it has an input for the x-data, x
  2. it has one input for each coefficient, a, b and c.
  3. the y-data, y, that is returned is the same size as x
  4. it will work when the x-data, x, is a vector.
In CFTOOL you can then follow the usual steps to create a Custom Equation. Choose a General rather than Linear equation. For the equation, enter my_curve( x, a, b, c ).
If you need a surface, then you can do all the same stuff in SFTOOL, just add an input argument for y-data and make sure that your function works when the x- and y-data are vectors.


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