How can we create DATASET in MATLAB?

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I want to create DATASET for Nuts and Bolts by below code but i gets an error.Can anyone helps me?
% Create a standard MATLAB dataset from data and labels.
dat =[ 0.1 0.9 ; 0.3 0.95 ; 0.2 0.7 ];
lab ={ 'class 1', 'class 2', 'class 3' };
z =dataset(dat,lab);
[nlab,lablist] = getNlab(z); % Extract the numeric labels
[m,k,c]=getsize(z); % Extract number of classes
for i= 1:c

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 26 Set 2016
You have two columns and three variable names.
Perhaps the rows in your data are variables. If that is the case then
dataset(dat .', lab)
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 26 Set 2016
If you are looking for one variable per row then,
z = dataset({dat.',lab{:}});
If you want the columns to be the variables then you have too many column names.
lab2 = lab(1:2);
z = dataset({dat, lab2{:}});

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