How to run Matlab function inside simulink?

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Babak il 30 Ott 2016
Risposto: Danilo Teran il 4 Dic 2018
I have a written code of motor which works very well in Matlab. I need to connect this code to Simulink and for this, I am using Matlab function block inside SIMULINK.
My code has a sub-function. I need to define some parameters for my sub-function but every time I will get an error.
Any idea?!
I wrote this code inside the Matlab function block:
function y = fcn(u)
global B_bank DLarbr_bank DLbrcr_bank DLarcr_bank DLrarc_bank DLrbrc_bank Rr DLSR Ras Rbs Rcs
[result]=ode45('Sub_Func',t,zeros(50,1)); % Maine code
y = result;
The error is :
Global declaration not resolved to a Data Store Memory block registered via the Ports and Data Manager.
Function 'MATLAB Function' (#50.115.121), line 4, column 1:"B_bank" Launch diagnostic report.
Thanks for your help.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 30 Ott 2016
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Babak il 1 Nov 2016
Modificato: Babak il 1 Nov 2016
Thank you, Walter, for the link. I spent one day to figure it out but still get an error. I made a one minute video about the procedure. I appreciate if you have a look and let me know what is wrong. ( Apologies in advance for trademark)
Error is: "Variable 'B_bank' is resolved in the workspace ('base') for block 'test1/MATLAB Function' but it is not a 'Simulink.Signal' object."
Some explanation about my code: I have 9 matrixes with different sizes which I need to make them global.
The function (sys_FINAL) inside the MATLAB Function, calls these matrixes.

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Danilo Teran
Danilo Teran il 4 Dic 2018
I am sorry how did you resolve this problem. I am having a similar problem and i didn't find a way to solve it.
Thanks in advance


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