Convolution of 2 image

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Tu Vo
Tu Vo on 2 Nov 2016
Commented: Tu Vo on 2 Nov 2016
I am working on image processing. Especially Self - convolution descriptor.
Can anybody tell me what is the result after convolution of 2 image.
for example, I have a big image.(1000*1000) I choose a patch (5*5) and convolve this patch with all other patch of the big image. So what will I get?
thank you!!

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Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen on 2 Nov 2016
See if the first half of this helps:
Convolution and filtering are equivalent if you invert the second image.
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Tu Vo
Tu Vo on 2 Nov 2016
Dear Mr.Almet Cecen, Thank for your answer, Actually, I have already study about the filter and I have known that the result after filtering is an blurred image. In my case, I want to make a descriptor of that image to compare with other image. Do you have any idea?
Thank you!

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