How to make predictions wit Partial Least Squares (PLSregress)

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Hi all. I'm reading the example of how to use partial least squares ( But I have a question, if I divide the y-data as
y_train = y(1:50);
y_test = y(51:end);
X_train = X(1:50,:);
X_test = X(51:end,:);
and I follow the exmaple by doing
[Xloadings,Yloadings,Xscores,Yscores,betaPLS] = plsregress(X_train,y_train,2);
How can I use this information in order to make predictions for the test data?

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Juan Villacrés
Juan Villacrés il 7 Feb 2019
Hi, this is the way to get the prediction.
y_pred = [ones(size(X_test ,1),1) X_test]*betaPLS;

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