Retrieving data from a structure

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I have a 1x36 structure with 34 fields called Dat_store. The first field contains 36 times a 1x4 vector with information on com: K4_com. Now I'd like to extract this CoM data and create a 36x4 matrix one value of the 1x4 vector in each column of the matrix. I tried
K4_COM = [Dat_store_12().K4_com];
But that gives me a 1x144 vector, which is not what I want.
Does anybody know what the correct command should be?

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 5 Nov 2016
K4_COM = vertcat(Dat_store_12.K4_com)
is the correct syntax (yours was equivalent to horzcat(Dat_store_12.K4_com) hence why they were all concatenated in a row).

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KSSV on 5 Nov 2016
K4_COM = [Dat_store_12().K4_com];
iwant = reshape(K4_COM,4,[])' ;


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