How to remove the connecting live between two standard deviations in a bar plot

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I'm trying to plot some data in an errorbar, but when I try to plat this, my two standard deviation lines are interconnected, and I can't find how to remove this line.
This is my code:
Mean_RMS_COMFB_tr3 = nanmean(RMS_out_dataFit_tr3);
Mean_RMS_LMTFB_tr3 = nanmean(RMS_out_dataFit_LMT_tr3);
Std_RMS_COMFB_tr3 = nanstd(RMS_out_dataFit_tr3,[],2);
Std_RMS_LMTFB_tr3 = nanstd(RMS_out_dataFit_LMT_tr3,[],2);
bar([Mean_RMS_COMFB_tr3;Mean_RMS_LMTFB_tr3]'); hold on;
errorbar([Mean_RMS_COMFB_tr3;Mean_RMS_LMTFB_tr3], [Std_RMS_COMFB_tr3 Std_RMS_LMTFB_tr3], 'r'); hold on;
% ylim([0 0.009]);
ylabel('RMS value');
legend('mean COM & LMT FB','Std COM & LMT FB');
title('Mean RMS values for COM & LMT feedback based on 3 trials');
The figure is attached.

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 19 Dec 2016
Edited: José-Luis on 19 Dec 2016
One option:
errorbar([Mean_RMS_COMFB_tr3;Mean_RMS_LMTFB_tr3], [Std_RMS_COMFB_tr3 Std_RMS_LMTFB_tr3], 'r.');
Please read the documentation.

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