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Uigetfile will make app be behind another windows.

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I use APP Designer to make a App figure. I want to load my file and display its name,so I use uigetfile. But used uigetfile will make my figure be behind another windows, I have to click it in Taskbar again. Why is this so?

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Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar il 20 Nov 2019
add these lines after uigetfile
assuming your UIFigure's name is app.UIFigure

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Melaku Eneayehu
Melaku Eneayehu il 20 Feb 2018
add the following two lines of code just after uigetfile() app.UIFigure.Visible = 'off'; app.UIFigure.Visible = 'on';
don't forgot to edit figure per-fix if you don't use the default one

Riyadh Abbas
Riyadh Abbas il 26 Mag 2017
Hi there, I found a solution to this issue provided by, which suggested adding two lines drawnow; pause(0.05);
I tried it and it did work for me, hope can solve your problem.
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Petar Lambrev
Petar Lambrev il 12 Giu 2017
drawnow; pause(0.05); Does not work for me. After closing get file window, the main app window is in the background.
Chris McRaven
Chris McRaven il 16 Giu 2017
This does not work for me either. I have described my steps to reproduce here.

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Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas il 18 Nov 2019
It does seem to be unintended behaviour though, it is frustrating to need to work around this.

Onur Ozdemir
Onur Ozdemir il 14 Mar 2022
All given answers address getting the app window back as focus after uigetfile but what is preferred is to prevent it from minimizing in the first place. You can check out my answer to this question here, which is the same question.

Jorg Woehl
Jorg Woehl il 14 Mag 2024
I have just published a simple workaround for these focus issues, which -- as The MathWorks acknowledges -- still have "currently no official workaround". Check out my File Exchange contribution


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