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Aditya il 14 Mar 2011
I am doing my project on classification of faults in transmission lines using support vector machines(SVM).I have simulated a no. of faults and sampled each one of them and stored them as excel sheets.Each excel sheet contains a single row and 10 columns (depending on sampling time) which represents a single fault...I have to plot the sampled data of all the faults..can anybody give me some idea about how to plot the data which contains a 1x10 array so that it looks like a single point in the graph.. thanx in advance..

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov il 14 Mar 2011
What about boxplots with one box per time?
This way you'll capture the whole distribution of the 10 values and you can still have a compact 2D representation of the phenomenon.
Example 3 in the documentation can give you an idea.
On the X-axis the time and on the Y-axis the number of faults.
EDIT 12:57 GMT 00 15 March 2011
I wouldn't store the faults in excel at all. I would use a matrix and store each sample as a column. The resulting matrix can be fed to boxplot as it is.
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Jan il 15 Mar 2011
@Aditya: Yes, it is possible. If you post your code, we had a chance to see, why the values are not written to the same graph. Then a suggestion of the most likely tiny change is much easier than creating the complete program.
Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov il 15 Mar 2011
@Aditya: did you try boxplot?

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