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What does NaN mean here?

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Mehrdad il 28 Dic 2016
Modificato: Ahmet Cecen il 28 Dic 2016
hi guys
I cannot understand what is happening when we are coding this;
[rowK,colK]= size(K);
In the auxiliary matrix which is being defined what role does NaN plays?

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Ahmet Cecen
Ahmet Cecen il 28 Dic 2016
Modificato: Ahmet Cecen il 28 Dic 2016
Looks like the code intended to initialize a matrix filled with NaNs and does this by adding NaN to a zero matrix. Any number + NaN is NaN.
You could achieve the same effect with:
aux = NaN(colK);
One common reason you would use NaN instead of 0 is to differentiate when you actually have a value of 0 (say 0 Celsius) versus you have no idea what that value is.

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