How to create finer mesh with material distributions?

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I have a matrix of number which represent the material distribution in finite elements. How can I create a finer mesh with these matrix in MATLAB? I need a code which I can use to create a remesh/finer mesh. For example, let us say I have a 30*30 matrix which denote the material distribution in finite elements. I need a code that I can use to generate a remesh/finer mesh in MATLAB. Thank you.
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KSSV il 5 Gen 2017
Can you show what you want with an example? image..a hand drawn image at least.
Massimo Zanetti
Massimo Zanetti il 5 Gen 2017
I have the feeling you need interp2 function, or something similar..

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Mohammad Abouali
Mohammad Abouali il 5 Gen 2017
Modificato: Mohammad Abouali il 5 Gen 2017
You can use imresize(). Something like this should work.
% Initializing a sample image
myImage = [0 1 1 1; ...
1 0 1 1; ...
1 0 0 1; ...
1 1 1 1];
% using imresize to resize the image and refine it.
myRefinedImage = imresize(myImage,2,'nearest');
Check the method options. if the value in image are label to a certain material so you need to use nearest. However, depending on your application you might need to use other methods.

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