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Finding suitable wavelet function for Accelerometer 1D signal.

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I want to find suitable wavelet function for accelerometer 1D signal. I want to cross correlate signal and different wavelets. Considering Xcorr(x,y), x will be my 1D signal and y will be wavelet. What will be the vector values of a wavelet. e.g dB4. The idea is wavelet which have highest correlation coefficient will be best match.

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 10 Gen 2017
Hello Muhammad,
If you are using the the "wavefun" function then it provides the vectors as outputs of the function. For more information regarding this function, refer to the following documentation link:
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Muhammad Faheem Awan
Muhammad Faheem Awan il 10 Gen 2017
Thanks for your answer. I used that it gives scaling function and wavelet function. How will we determine the suitable levels then. Does it depend on the number of samples we have in raw signal.

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