Connect 4 nodes with lines and color the created area

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I have 2 elements which are based on 4 nodes. How can I connect these nodes to create a rectangle. This rectangle area has a specific value(strain) how can I plot this area with a colorbar, like a typical FEM picuture?
clc; clear all;
%undeformed Node coordinates
N1 = [-1;-1];
N2 = [1;-1];
N3 = [1;1];
N4 = [-1;1];
%deformed Node coordinates
N1d = [2;1];
N2d = [3;1];
N3d = [4;3];
N4d = [1;3];
strainxx = 20;
strainyy = 39;

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 10 Gen 2017
As I understand, you are wanting to plot a figure with four nodes and want the area of the polygon to have a different color from a colorbar based on a stress value.
I believe what you are looking for is the "patch" function. Please see the following documentation page which contains an example under the subsection "Different Polygon Face Colors":

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