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Add Column in Excel Workbook, Loop through WorkSheets to fill in Data

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Hello, I have a multi part question I was hoping some one could help me with. I have an existing Excel workbook that has a master spreadsheet and many subsequent data spreadsheets.
I need to append a new column(s) into the master spreadsheet. Then I need to loop through each of the data spread sheets and pull information to fill in the new column (i.e., A2 of each spread sheet). In some cases I would like to manipulate the information I pull before I write it into the new column (i.e., A2-B2). Each row of the master spreadsheet corresponds with the name of the data spreadsheet - the first cell of each row in the master spreadsheet is the name of a data spreadsheet.

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 13 Gen 2017
As I understand you are wanting to read and write some data from/to an Excel workbook. The following functions are going to help you in doing this:
  • xlswrite
  • xlsread
The following documentation pages show some examples of how these functions can be used to achieve a similar workflow to what you want:

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