How can i acces to object matlab in stateflow

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Hello, I have a script in InitFcn callback to display a webmap and a wmmarker. In my Chart, i want to remove this wmmarker and situate at a other place. i can acces to a vector of double in the worspace, but not to a handle of wmmarker. I have this fault: Expression 'map.webmap.MarkerOverlay' for type of data 'h1' did not evaluate to a valid type. is it a good idea to update a webmap with a chart stateflow?

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 24 Gen 2017
Hello Louis,
From the screenshot you provided the error is due to the fact that a Simulink.Parameter can not have a type of "map.webmap.MarkerOverflay".
Since in your "InitFcn" callback you are creating the handles in the base workspace you can just have a MATLAB Function in your Stateflow chart that operates on that map handle. Attached is an example constructed in R2016b which accesses objects in the base workspace when using either the MATLAB Action language or the C action language.
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Louis il 31 Gen 2017
it's ok. i manipulate the object directly in the workspace with the "evalin('base','expression')" instruction. thank's

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