Is there anyway to merge cells or nest tables in mlreportgen.ppt?

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I'm trying to automate the creation of a powerpoint presentation using mlreportgen.ppt. I have two rows of headers, the first row is a overarching header, while the second is the detailed header. This results in cells that need to be merged (as I would do it in PPT) or nested arrays (like I would use in LaTeX or HTML). Is there anyway to do this currently? My thought was to create a Table object and try to append an empty TableEntry with the table, but its a no go.

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross on 24 Jan 2017
Hello Josh,
I work for MathWorks and currently, this workflow is not supported when using mlreportgen.ppt. However, if you want to create a MATLAB report you could merge the cells. Please see the below documentation link on that if this is an option for you.
In the meantime, I have notified the appropriate product team regarding this enhancement so that they can consider adding this support in a future release of MATLAB.


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