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https links - OPeNDAP Servers, NetCDF files

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I have code which (use to) accesses one of the US Governmental OPeNDAP servers (SST data). This particular server (probably along with others) has been changed from a http, to a secure https server.
Bug Report: 1072120 ( discusses this in some detail, however I still am unable to get the example to work. There also appears to be a scattering of other https related info in the forums.
Note: Currently im using 2013b, so im mindful that Bug Report 1072120 may not work for my current version.
So, 1. Is there or will there be https support built into (or is there already) the next (a) release of MATLAB? 2. Is there potentially a problem with the workaround specified in Bug Report 1072120?

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 24 Gen 2017
Hello Carlin,
As per the bug report, it states that the fix only works for versions R2014a through R2016b. If you were to upgrade to one of these releases and try the workaround, it should work.

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