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How to create a bended cylinder structure stored in a 3D matrix?

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Dear all,
I'm looking for a way to create a zeros(500,500,250) matrix with a bended cylinder inside. The voxels inside the bended cylinder should be 1, and the radius should be 10. I am able to create an cylinder with the surf function but I can't find a way to store it in a 3D matrix. Does someone have a solution?

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 24 Gen 2017
I would suggest looking at the function "cylinder" because it will return the X, Y, and Z coordinates that you can join together to create a matrix.
If you want to get the X, Y, and Z points from the surface plot then you are going to want to store the "surf" to a handle. Then using that handle you can access the properties XData, YData, and ZData to create the matrix.

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