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How can I plot a periodic function from 0 to 2*pi?

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Jaecheol Lee
Jaecheol Lee il 18 Gen 2017
Risposto: Jordan Ross il 23 Gen 2017
I want to plot a periodic function like below from 0 to 2*pi.
I tried to use remat function to deal with k = 1,2,...12, but later on, I realized that I need to multiply this result with other function. Thus, I have to have the same theta size (e.g., 0: 0.001 : 2*pi) with other function. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 23 Gen 2017
If you are expecting to make a 2-d plot then you are going to want to fix the value of "k" or "alpha". If you want a 3-d plot then just have "alpha" on one dimension, "k" on the other, then the value of "g" at "alpha" and "k" on the third.

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