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Interact with a simulink build .exe

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James Marriott
James Marriott il 18 Gen 2017
Risposto: Jordan Ross il 23 Gen 2017
Can anyone help?
I have generated an .EXE from a simulink model using grt.tlc. At the models top level there are a series of inputs and outputs which I want to interact with (setting the inputs to values and looking at the outputs).
Can someone point me to some documentation or tell me how I would interface with this .exe.
Ultimately I want to create a GUI in Visual Studio professional that allows the user to set the inputs, press run to execute the .exe and then get the results back from the model.

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 23 Gen 2017
Hello James,
When you generate the executable it also generates the source files (see the below doc link).
With those source files you can bring them into Visual Studio and add additional source files around the ones that you generated you can build a new executable that achieves what you want. Please see the following link on relocating the source files to an IDE such as Visual Studio:
For more information regarding building in Visual Studio, please check out the following documentation:


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