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How to switch simulink blocks using a parameter?

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in my Simulinkmodel I want to test different controller blocks. In my "Input Generation"-block I implemented 4 different controllers. Everytime I want to test another controller, I have to remove the input and output connections and make new connections for the new block by hand which is quite annyoing. Is there a way to to this with a parameter? Say if some constant c is equal to 1, I want Controller 1 to be connected to the input and output ports of "input generation" and so on. Thanks for your help.

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross il 24 Gen 2017
Hello Martin,
What you are going to want to use is actually is a "variant subsystem". The following documentation page discusses what they are:
However, of more interest to you is the following documentation page which contains an example of modeling different variants of controllers:

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