Random Forest using Classification Learner App

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Hello. How can I use RandomForest classifier in the Matlab Classification Learner app? I couldn't find it in the list of ensemble classifiers.. I am using Matlab2016b.

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Ed Marquez
Ed Marquez on 26 Jan 2017
I was able to find this information from the MathWorks documentation: To explore classification ensembles interactively, use the Classification Learner app. For greater flexibility, use fitcensemble in the command-line interface to boost or bag classification trees, or to grow a random forest:
Based on the above, the Random Forest Learner functionality may not be part of the Classification Learner App.
Maryam Mohammadi
Maryam Mohammadi on 4 Oct 2021
Does "Bagged Trees" classifier in classification learner toolbax use a ranfom forest algorithm?

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