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"binning" data with 2D coordinates

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I have a set of data points that are stored in a 3x1000 matrix. Each data point has (x, y, z) coordinates. How can I collapse this data into 2D coordinates, and then "bin" the data into a 3D graph?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 26 Gen 2017
[ux, ~, xidx] = unique(data(1,:));
[uy, ~, yidx] = unique(data(2,:));
%count the number of points at each unique x/y combination
counts = accumarray([xidx(:), yidx(:)], 1);
%average the z that fall into each unique x/y combination
avgs = accumarray([xidx(:), yidx(:)], data(3,:).');
%create a list of the z that fall into each unique x/y combination
zs = accumarray([xidx(:), yidx(:)], data(3,:).', [], @(V) {V}, {});
But perhaps what you want is instead a 2D histogram:
or if you have an older version:

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