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How do I make both yyaxis axes zoom together?

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When I plot two figures using "yyaxis" and use the interactive zoom, only the right (active) axis zooms. The other one does not get updated. How can I fix this?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 1 Giu 2023
Modificato: MathWorks Support Team il 5 Giu 2023
This behavior is in accordance with the "yyaxis" function documentation (See under "Axes Properties" in the "More About" section of the link below)
However, you can achieve the desired behavior by following these steps:
1. Plot your data using "yyaxis" as normal
2. Create a callback function that, before the zoom happens, saves the old axis limits.
3. Create a callback function that, after the zoom happens, edits the axis values for the (previously unaffected) left axis.
In the attached files, file "saveAxisStatus.m" defines the pre-zoom callback behavior, and "zoomSecondAxis.m" defines the post-zoom callback behavior. The file "Example.m" demonstrates how to use these two functions.

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Andres il 6 Dic 2021
Modificato: MathWorks Support Team il 10 Giu 2022
I have uploaded a solution (yyzoom) to the File Exchange,
that stores the base values for the axes limits relation inside the callback function of a listener to the YLim property of the yyaxis chart axes. I've had the opportunity to test it with R2021a/b up to now.

Julian Hapke
Julian Hapke il 11 Ago 2023
Here's a function that does not rely on an activated zoom tool and also works for panning
function yysync(ax)
%YYSYNC links left and right yyaxis, so they pan and zoom synchronously
% unfortunately the PostSet event is also triggered when ylim() is called
% so if you want to set axis limits independently, you have to to so before
% calling yysync
% Syntax:
% yysync(ax)
% Inputs:
% ax:
% the axes whose yyaxis shall be linked
% graphics handle
% required
% Outputs:
% -
% Examples:
% -
% See also: yyaxis, ylim
rulers = ax.YAxis;
if numel(rulers) == 1
% no second y axis
factor = diff(rulers(2).Limits) / diff(rulers(1).Limits);
offset = rulers(2).Limits(1) - factor * rulers(1).Limits(1);
function setOtherLimits(~, event)
obj = event.AffectedObject;
if obj.YAxisLocation == "right"
obj.YAxis(1).Limits = (obj.YLim - offset) / factor;
obj.YAxis(2).Limits = factor .* obj.YLim + offset;
addlistener(ax, 'YLim', 'PostSet', @setOtherLimits);




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